The first book I read about sex addiction remains the most helpful I have found to-date. It is a short read by Dr. Linda Hatch, a certified sex addiction therapist, that explains exactly what sex addiction is, signs that someone has it, what this means for you, WHY your loved one has it in the first place (my most burning question), and what to do next.

Living With a Sex Addict: From Crisis to Recovery

You can find it on her website, which is also extremely helpful. In the first few months after the devastation of discovering my husband’s addiction, I read every single article on her website.

Sex Addictions Counseling – About Dr. Hatch

Another tremendously valuable set of articles by another certified sex addiction therapist is that by Dorothy Hayden. Her articles are addressed to the addict, not the partner, but if you want to learn about why your partner is a sex addict, her articles go into some depth on that — and offer hope about the possibility for healing, if you are ready to think about that. For me, personally, understanding the addict allows me to empathize, which takes away some of my anger and my pain. If you have any lingering doubts about whether sex addiction has anything to do with any shortcoming of yours (hint: the answer is no, NOT AT ALL!), this may help reassure you.

Articles by Dorothy Hayden on